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Manitoba Forms

Feel free to use the forms below. These rental forms are in Adobe PDF format. In order to view and print these forms, you need a free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer/tablet/cell. It is available for free download here.

Where can I get residential tenancy forms in Manitoba?

You can find all rental forms on Immediate Rent. Easy print or download, free residential lease agreement and other rental forms for Manitoba in minutes.

Residential Tenancy Agreements:


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Why to move to Winnipeg? Depending on where you currently reside, chances are that the cost of living will decrease when you move to Winnipeg. There are many affordable housing and apartment options, especially compared to other Canadian cities. The economy in Winnipeg is strong and stable, with a thriving real estate market, making it an affordable city to live in. This snowy city is known for its harsh winters, but the cold has a way of bringing the community together. The capital of Manitoba gets a bad rap, but people who live here know the many advantages that this prairie city has to offer; there is a lot to love about it, from its lively sports scene to its diverse culture and affordable living options.
Why to move to Brandon? Brandon, the second largest city in Manitoba. The city boasts amenities, services, educational and employment opportunities generally found in much larger centres yet has a maximum in city commute of 12 minutes. A low crime rate, diversified economy, stable housing market, student oriented education system, abundant recreational and cultural opportunities create an enviable quality of life for our residents. Situated in the southwest corner of Manitoba, one hour from the USA and Saskatchewan borders and two hours from the Winnipeg International airport. Brandon Municipal Airport offers Brandon/Calgary daily direct passenger air service via WestJet.

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