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Saskatchewan Forms

Feel free to use the forms below. These rental forms are in Adobe PDF format. In order to view and print these forms, you need a free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer/tablet/cell. It is available for free download here.

Where can I get residential tenancy forms in Saskatchewan?

You can find all rental forms on Immediate Rent. Easy print or download, free residential lease agreement and other rental forms for Saskatchewan in minutes.

Residential Tenancy Agreements:


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Why to move to Saskatoon? Nestled in the heart of the Canadian Prairies, Saskatoon is the largest city in the province of Saskatchewan and ranks among the fastest-growing cities in Canada. Saskatonians, as residents of the city are known, also comprise the youngest population in the nation. Unemployment rates in Saskatchewan are consistently low, making it a good community to put down roots. Known as the City of Bridges, Saskatoon sits on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River and offers an ideal place to live for active people who enjoy walking, running, and riding bicycles. Although Saskatoon gets a bad rap for its frigid winter temperatures, there is a lot to love about the weather in this area. In fact, Saskatoon ranks as one of the sunniest cities in Canada. Bolstered by the youngest population in Canada, Saskatoon serves up a wide range of opportunities in terms of education. Chief among them is the University of Saskatchewan, one of the top research universities in the country.
Why to move to Regina? Regina, the second largest city in Saskatchewan, is often called the Queen city. Regina is Latin for the word “Queen” and it is Saskatchewan’s capital city serving as the cultural and commercial center of Southern Saskatchewan. Regina has high quality of life and the low cost of living compared with other provinces in Canada. The population and economic growth in Regina and surrounding area has been steady and many people are choosing to move there to enjoy the benefits of higher income with a lower cost of living. Owning a home in Regina is affordable though some choose to rent an apartment or condominium to start out with. It is nice to get settled in a new city and explore the neighborhoods while renting before making a permanent decision to purchase a home. You can get from most places to anywhere else in the city in 20 minutes. With a resource based economy, there are many job opportunities. Regina is one of the main producers of potash, oil, and gas. Other important industries in Regina and surrounding area are agriculture, steel, and mining. SaskPower and SaskEnergy also have head offices in the city.

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